Beyond LCI: EPD-conforming LCAs for vehicle fuels

Beyond LCI: EPD-conforming LCAs for vehicle fuels

Environmental product declarations (EPD's) of vehicle fuels, based on LCA, will likely be increasingly required by the market in the near future. EPD is in the broad sense a market driven format for communicating LCA based environmental information business-to-business and more recently also business-to-consumer. Several EPD system operators are running systems to certify declarations.

A key component in LCA based EPD's is a method prescription document, referred to as Product Category Rules, PCR. A PCR defines the necessary method and data requirement, as agreed by the interested stakeholders in a process of iterated drafting, open consultation and revising. Although there has been initial discussions, No PCR has so far been achieved for vehicle fuels.

This project is an extension of on-going f3-projects that are aiming for a setup of a fuel LCI data base on the one hand, and defining a fossil fuel reference for biofuels on the other (a synthesis project). The Beyond LCI project will

...develop a PCR document outlining the method and data requirements for LCA study that can be used to feed an EPD,

...discuss how to deal with Guarantees of Origin, GO, i.e. the traceability of fuels to its source, in the PCR and LCA's, and

...start developing LCA's for fuels, in conformity with the agreed PCR rules.

Participating partners in the project:

  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Perstorp Oxo
  • Lantmännen
  • Sekab
  • Preem
  • E.on
  • Göteborg Energi
Involvement from persons from Svenska Petroleum och Biodrivmedel Institutet (SPBI), Swedish Environmental Management Council (Miljöstyrningsrådet) and The Network for Transport and Environment (Nätverket för transporter och miljön, NTM).

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