Finished projects

Below is a list of all finished projects carried out since the start of the f3 centre. NB! The project title may differ from the title of the actual report. A list based on report titles can be found in the f3 Library.

Types of projects are stated as follows:

organisation Type Year
A comparative analysis of P2G/P2L-systems for the combined production of liquid and gaseous biofuels SP f3-project 2016
A future biorefinery for the production of propionic acid, ethanol, biogas, heat and power – A Swedish case study LU, SLU & Perstorp R&D project
A global overview of bioeconomy strategies and visions IVL & Lund University f3-project 2016
A pre-study of biogas production by low-temperature pyrolysis of biomass KTH & SLU R&D project
A review of the North American biofuel production, policies and research IVL & KTH f3-project 2015
Accumulated impacts from increased biofuel consumption in Sweden IVL f3-project
Alternative sources for products competing with forest based biofuel, a pre-study IVL, Lund University, KTH & SP R&D project 2016
An inventory and comparison of Swedish and international biobutanol projects - production, research and development SP & Perstorp f3-project 2015
Analysis of different research activities and description of parties within the f3 Centre Bio4Energy & Lund University f3-project
Barriers to an increased utilisation of high biofuel blends in the Swedish vehicle fleet Bio4Energy (LTU), LU & Lantmännen Program 2017
Benchmarking the biogas value chain in Sweden and Canada and knowledge transfer between the two countries SP f3-project 2015
BeWhere - Stake-holder analysis of biofuel production in Sweden Bio4Energy/LTU/SLU, LiU, RISE (SP & Innventia), Chalmers, LU, Fortum, E.ON, Perstorp, SEKAB Program 2017
Beyond LCI: EPD-conforming LCAs for vehicle fuels IVL, KTH, Perstorp Oxo, Lantmännen, Sekab, Preem, E.on, Göteborg Energi R&D project
Bio-SNG production by means of biomass gasification combined with MCEC technique KTH & Bio4Energy/LTU f3-project 2017
Biofuels and ecosystem services IVL, SLU, SU Program 2016
Biofuels and land use in Sweden - An overview of land use change effects IVL, Lund University, SLU, Chalmers & SIK R&D project
Biofuels for transport in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region Lund University f3-project
Biogas from agricultural wastes and residues - Where and how much? Chalmers, LTH & SP Program
Biogas hydrate - Novel systems for upgrading, transportation and storage of biomethane JTI, SLU & MetaHyd AB R&D project
Biogas in the transport sector – An actor and policy analysis KTH, LiU Program 2017
Biomass gasification - A synthesis of technical barriers and current research issues for deployment at large scale Chalmers, KTH & ETC f3-project
Carbon Vision? Reviewing Environmental Systems Analyses of Biofuel Production in Sweden IVL, KTH, Linköping University f3-project 2015
Comparative system analysis of carbon preserving fermentation for biofuel production Bio4Energy (LTU), Sekab/SP & Lund University R&D project
Current situation of biofuels development in Sub-Saharan Africa – Policy, production and research SLU f3-project 2013
Dagens och framtidens hållbara biodrivmedel Underlagsrapport från f3 till utredningen om FossilFri Fordonstrafik f3-project 2013
Electrofuels from biological processes - A knowledge synthesis SP f3-project 2017
Enabling the transition to a bio-economy: Innovation system dynamics and policy Lund University (CIRCLE + IIIEE), SP Program 2017
Environmental and socio-economic benefits from Swedish biofuel production IVL, Bio4Energy/LTU, Lund University Program 2017
Ethanol production in biorefineries using lignocellulosic feedstock - GHG performance and energy balances SLU & LTH (Lund University) R&D project
Examining systemic constraints and drivers for production of forest-derived transport biofuels LU, KTH, IVL Program
Factors that influence the development of biogas KTH f3-project 2014
Flexibility in ethanol based lignocellulose biorefineries: A knowledge synthesis SP f3-project 2016
Fresh and stored crops - a new way to organize all-year substrate supply for a biogas plant RISE (JTI/SP), Gasum AB & SLU Program 2017
From visions to smart ICT - Local transitions to renewable transportation SLU, KTH & Lund University Program 2017
Fuel options for public bus fleets in Sweden KTH f3-project 2015
Glycerol-based Isobutanol Lund University, Biofuel Solution & Preem R&D project
How can forest-derived methane complement biogas from anaerobic digestion in Swedish transport sector? KTH f3-project 2015
Impact of biogas energy crops on GHG emissions, soil organic matter and food crop production - A case study on farm level Lund University, E.on & SLU R&D project
Implications of EU regulation on Swedish biofuel stimulus SP & Lantmännen f3-project
Integrated assessment of vehicle fuels with sustainability LCA KTH, IVL & LU (IIIEE) Program 2017
Konvertering av biogas till metanol eller DME på gårdsnivå ETC, Volvo & Hushållningssällskapet f3-project 2013
LCA and techno-economical analysis of on-site enzyme production in 2nd generation bioethanol production Lund University & Budapest University of Technology and Economics f3-project 2015
LCA of biorefineries. Identification of key issues and methodological recommendations SLU, KTH & LTH (Lund University) R&D project
LCAs of petrol and diesel – A literature review SLU f3-project 2013
Mapping biofuel R&D activities in Austria Bio4Energy (LTU) f3-project 2014
Mapping of biofuels for transport in Brazil Innventia f3-project
Methane as vehicle fuel - a gate-to-wheel study (METDRIV) LU, Bio4Energy/LTU, E.on, Göteborg Energi, Volvo, Scania Program 2016
Methanol as a renewable fuel – a knowledge synthesis Bio4Energy f3-project
Optimal localisation of next generation biofuel production in Sweden – Part II (BeWhere II) Bio4Energy, LiU, Chalmers, SP & Innventia R&D project
Optimal localisation of second generation biofuel production in Sweden LiU, Chalmers, SP, Innventia, Bio4Energy & IIASA R&D project
Optimization of biofuel supply chains based on liquefaction technologies Bio4Energy, Utrecht University, Chalmers, SP f3-project 2017
Optimized logistics for biogas production SLU, JTI & Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB R&D project
Overview of value flows in the present forest-based industry and possible value creation in forest-based motor fuel value chains SP Processum & SLU f3-project 2015
Policies promoting biofuels in Sweden IVL & Chalmers f3-project
Policy instruments directed at renewable transportation fuels – An international comparison KTH & Lund University f3-project 2013
Public procurement as a policy instrument to support the diffusion and use of renewable transport fuels LiU, LU (LTH) Program 2017
R&D challenges for Swedish biofuel actors Chalmers (Ed.) R&D project
Scenarios for large-scale integration of renewable fuels in the Swedish road transport sector Chalmers, SLU & Bio4Energy R&D project
Social and socioeconomic impacts from vehicle fuels KTH & IVL R&D project
State of the art of algal biomass as raw material for biofuel production SP & Chalmers f3-project 2013
Sustainability criteria for biofuels in the European Union – A Swedish perspective SLU f3-project
Sustainable performance of lignocellulose-based ethanol and biogas co-produced in innovative biorefinery systems SLU, Lund University, Sekab & Lantmännen R&D project
Synthesis gas from agricultural products SLU f3-project 2015
System studies on biofuel production via integrated biomass gasification Bio4Energy, Lund University, Chalmers & LiU f3-project 2013
Techno-economic analysis of biomethane production with novel upgrading technology Bio4Energy (LTU), SP & LU Program 2017
The method’s influence on climate impact assessment of biofuels and other uses of forest biomass Chalmers, SP & IVL Program
The role of electrofuels: a cost-effective solution for future transport? Chalmers & IVL Program 2017
The value chain for biomethane from the forest industry Innventia, Göteborg Energi & KTH R&D project
Transport Biofuel Futures in Energy-Economic Modeling – A Review Chalmers f3-project 2013
Valorization of by-products and raw material inputs in the biofuel industry LiU f3-project
Value chains for production of renewable transportation fuels using intermediates Innventia, Chalmers, Åf Industry, Göteborg Energi, Preem Program
Well-to-wheel LCI data for fossil and renewable fuels on the Swedish market Chalmers, IVL, KTH, SP, Volvo & Scania R&D project