Finished projects

Below is a list of all finished projects carried out since the start of the f3 centre. NB! The project title may differ from the title of the actual report. A list based on report titles can be found in the f3 Library.

Types of projects are stated as follows:

organisation Type Year
A comparative analysis of P2G/P2L-systems for the combined production of liquid and gaseous biofuels SP f3-project 2016
A future biorefinery for the production of propionic acid, ethanol, biogas, heat and power – A Swedish case study LU, SLU & Perstorp R&D project
A global overview of bioeconomy strategies and visions IVL & Lund University f3-project 2016
A pre-study of biogas production by low-temperature pyrolysis of biomass KTH & SLU R&D project
A review of the North American biofuel production, policies and research IVL & KTH f3-project 2015
Accumulated impacts from increased biofuel consumption in Sweden IVL f3-project
Alternative sources for products competing with forest based biofuel, a pre-study IVL, Lund University, KTH & SP R&D project 2016
An innovation policy framework and policy options for the development of biorefineries Chalmers, Bio4Energy (LTU), IVL, Göteborg Energi, Preem, Perstorp, Lantmännen Program 2018
An inventory and comparison of Swedish and international biobutanol projects - production, research and development SP & Perstorp f3-project 2015
Analysis of different research activities and description of parties within the f3 Centre Bio4Energy & Lund University f3-project
Barriers to an increased utilisation of high biofuel blends in the Swedish vehicle fleet Bio4Energy (LTU), LU & Lantmännen Program 2017
Benchmarking the biogas value chain in Sweden and Canada and knowledge transfer between the two countries SP f3-project 2015
BeWhere - Stake-holder analysis of biofuel production in Sweden Bio4Energy/LTU/SLU, LiU, RISE (SP & Innventia), Chalmers, LU, Fortum, E.ON, Perstorp, SEKAB Program 2017
Beyond LCI: EPD-conforming LCAs for vehicle fuels IVL, KTH, Perstorp Oxo, Lantmännen, Sekab, Preem, E.on, Göteborg Energi R&D project
Bio-SNG production by means of biomass gasification combined with MCEC technique KTH & Bio4Energy/LTU f3-project 2017
Biofuels and ecosystem services IVL, SLU, SU Program 2016
Biofuels and land use in Sweden - An overview of land use change effects IVL, Lund University, SLU, Chalmers & SIK R&D project
Biofuels for transport in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region Lund University f3-project
Biofuels from biomass from agricultural land - land use change from a Swedish perspective SLU, LU Program 2018
Biogas from agricultural wastes and residues - Where and how much? Chalmers, LTH & SP Program
Biogas hydrate - Novel systems for upgrading, transportation and storage of biomethane JTI, SLU & MetaHyd AB R&D project
Biogas in the transport sector – An actor and policy analysis KTH, LiU Program 2017
Biomass gasification - A synthesis of technical barriers and current research issues for deployment at large scale Chalmers, KTH & ETC f3-project
Carbon Vision? Reviewing Environmental Systems Analyses of Biofuel Production in Sweden IVL, KTH, Linköping University f3-project 2015
Comparative system analysis of carbon preserving fermentation for biofuel production Bio4Energy (LTU), Sekab/SP & Lund University R&D project
Current situation of biofuels development in Sub-Saharan Africa – Policy, production and research SLU f3-project 2013
Dagens och framtidens hållbara biodrivmedel Underlagsrapport från f3 till utredningen om FossilFri Fordonstrafik f3-project 2013
Determination of potential improvements in bio-oil production (ImprOil) RISE (formerly Innventia), Chalmers, Preem, ÅF Industry Program 2018
Electrofuels from biological processes - A knowledge synthesis SP f3-project 2017
Electrolysis and electrofuels in the Swedish chemical and biofuel industry: a comparison of costs and climate benefits RISE, Chalmers f3-project
Enabling the transition to a bio-economy: Innovation system dynamics and policy Lund University (CIRCLE + IIIEE), SP Program 2017
Environmental and socio-economic benefits from Swedish biofuel production IVL, Bio4Energy/LTU, Lund University Program 2017
Ethanol production in biorefineries using lignocellulosic feedstock - GHG performance and energy balances SLU & LTH (Lund University) R&D project
Evaluation of biofuel production costs in relation to the new reduction obligation quota system IVL, Bio4Energy (LTU) f3-project
Examining systemic constraints and drivers for production of forest-derived transport biofuels LU, KTH, IVL Program
Factors that influence the development of biogas KTH f3-project 2014
Flexibility in ethanol based lignocellulose biorefineries: A knowledge synthesis SP f3-project 2016
Fresh and stored crops - a new way to organize all-year substrate supply for a biogas plant RISE (JTI/SP), Gasum AB & SLU Program 2017
From visions to smart ICT - Local transitions to renewable transportation SLU, KTH & Lund University Program 2017
Fuel options for public bus fleets in Sweden KTH f3-project 2015
Gasification-based biofuels – Greenhouse gas emissions and profitability analysis with general and sector-specific policy instruments IVL, Chalmers f3-project 2018
Glycerol-based Isobutanol Lund University, Biofuel Solution & Preem R&D project
How can forest-derived methane complement biogas from anaerobic digestion in Swedish transport sector? KTH f3-project 2015
Impact of biogas energy crops on GHG emissions, soil organic matter and food crop production - A case study on farm level Lund University, E.on & SLU R&D project
Implications of EU regulation on Swedish biofuel stimulus SP & Lantmännen f3-project
Integrated assessment of vehicle fuels with sustainability LCA - Social and environmental impacts in a life cycle perspective KTH, IVL & LU (IIIEE) Program 2017
Knowledge synthesis on new value chains by thermochemical conversion of digestate for increased biofuel production in Sweden SP (RISE) & LU Program 2018
Konvertering av biogas till metanol eller DME på gårdsnivå ETC, Volvo & Hushållningssällskapet f3-project 2013
LCA and techno-economical analysis of on-site enzyme production in 2nd generation bioethanol production Lund University & Budapest University of Technology and Economics f3-project 2015
LCA of biorefineries. Identification of key issues and methodological recommendations SLU, KTH & LTH (Lund University) R&D project
LCAs of petrol and diesel – A literature review SLU f3-project 2013
Long-term sustainability evaluation of fossil free fuels production concepts Program 2018
Mapping biofuel R&D activities in Austria Bio4Energy (LTU) f3-project 2014
Mapping of biofuels for transport in Brazil Innventia f3-project
Marine feedstock based biofuels and ecosystem services IVL & SP Program 2018
Methane as vehicle fuel - a gate-to-wheel study (METDRIV) LU, Bio4Energy/LTU, E.on, Göteborg Energi, Volvo, Scania Program 2016
Methanol as a renewable fuel – a knowledge synthesis Bio4Energy f3-project
Methanol production via black liquor gasification with expanded raw material base Bio4Energy (LTU), IVL, Lund University, Perstorp BioProducts AB Program 2018
Optimal localisation of next generation biofuel production in Sweden – Part II (BeWhere II) Bio4Energy, LiU, Chalmers, SP & Innventia R&D project
Optimal localisation of second generation biofuel production in Sweden LiU, Chalmers, SP, Innventia, Bio4Energy & IIASA R&D project
Optimization of biofuel supply chains based on liquefaction technologies Bio4Energy, Utrecht University, Chalmers, SP f3-project 2017
Optimized logistics for biogas production SLU, JTI & Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB R&D project
Overview of value flows in the present forest-based industry and possible value creation in forest-based motor fuel value chains SP Processum & SLU f3-project 2015
Phosphorus recovery in algae-based biofuels Chalmers f3-project 2018
Policies promoting biofuels in Sweden IVL & Chalmers f3-project
Policy instruments directed at renewable transportation fuels – An international comparison KTH & Lund University f3-project 2013
Production of alternative transportation fuels from lignocellulose using process combination Lantmännen Agroetanol AB, Cellulose Fuels f3-project
Prospects for renewable marine fuels IVL, Chalmers Program 2018
Public procurement as a policy instrument to support the diffusion and use of renewable transport fuels LiU, LU (LTH) Program 2017
R&D challenges for Swedish biofuel actors Chalmers (Ed.) R&D project
Scenarios for large-scale integration of renewable fuels in the Swedish road transport sector Chalmers, SLU & Bio4Energy R&D project
Social and socioeconomic impacts from vehicle fuels KTH & IVL R&D project
State of the art of algal biomass as raw material for biofuel production SP & Chalmers f3-project 2013
Sustainability criteria for biofuels in the European Union – A Swedish perspective SLU f3-project
Sustainable biofuels - critical review of current views and case studies using extended systems analysis providing new perspectives and positive examples Chalmers, Lund University & IEA Bioenergy Task 43 Program 2018
Sustainable performance of lignocellulose-based ethanol and biogas co-produced in innovative biorefinery systems SLU, Lund University, Sekab & Lantmännen R&D project
Synthesis gas from agricultural products SLU f3-project 2015
Synthesizing LCA reports on transport fuels for Heavy Duty Trucks Volvo, Chalmers f3-project
System studies on biofuel production via integrated biomass gasification Bio4Energy, Lund University, Chalmers & LiU f3-project 2013
Techno-economic analysis of biomethane production with novel upgrading technology Bio4Energy (LTU), SP & LU Program 2017
Techno-economics of long and short term technology pathways for renewable transportation fuel production IVL, Bio4Energy (LTU), RISE, Preem Program 2018
The method’s influence on climate impact assessment of biofuels and other uses of forest biomass Chalmers, SP & IVL Program
The role of electrofuels: a cost-effective solution for future transport? Chalmers & IVL Program 2017
The value chain for biomethane from the forest industry Innventia, Göteborg Energi & KTH R&D project
Transport Biofuel Futures in Energy-Economic Modeling – A Review Chalmers f3-project 2013
Valorization of by-products and raw material inputs in the biofuel industry LiU f3-project
Value chains for production of renewable transportation fuels using intermediates Innventia, Chalmers, Åf Industry, Göteborg Energi, Preem Program
Vehicles and infrastructure for heavy long-haul transports fueled by electricity and hydrogen KTH, Scania, University of Pisa f3-project
Well-to-wheel LCI data for fossil and renewable fuels on the Swedish market Chalmers, IVL, KTH, SP, Volvo & Scania R&D project