Small projects

Small projects can be proposed by any f3 partner several times a year. After an internal review process, the f3 board decides on financing for the project. Normally, the scope, budget and timeline is limited.

Small projects can relate to any of the five project areas described for longer projects, but typically consist of mapping specific research areas, e.g. from different stake holders' perspecives, in a certain geographical region or as a state-of-art description. For more information on how to initiate f3-projects, contact the f3 office or the f3 coordinator in your organisation respectively.

Assessing positive social impacts – organizing and structuring the data collection

Project leader: Elisabeth Ekener, KTH

The project examines the availability of data on positive social impacts for renewable vehicle fuels, in relevant sectors and geographical areas for the targeted fuels. A selection of 2-4 different fuels, relevant in a Swedish market context will be made. The resulting data will be made publicly available.

Electrolysis and electrofuels in the Swedish chemical and biofuel industry: a comparison of costs and climate benefits

Project leader: Anna-Karin Jannasch, RISE

The project aims to provide insights into the economical and climatic aspects of renewable hydrogen with a focus on the Swedish chemical- and fuel industry. The analysis results are then compared to the alternative use of hydrogen to reduce the CO2 emissions from the steel and cement industry.

Gasification-based biofuels – GHG emissions and profitability analysis based on general and sector specific policy instruments

Project leader: Kristina Holmgren, IVL

Analysis of the economic performance of gasification- based biofuel production at different levels of general or sector specific policy instruments for different future energy market scenarios, comparing the costs and GHG emissions to systems where the biomass is used for power production and in electric vehicles.

Production of alternative transportation fuels from lignocellulose using process combination

Project leader: Anders Holmbom, Lantmännen Agroetanol AB

The project is a techno-economic evaluation of a process combination for production of alternative transportation fuels from lignocellulose.

Synthesizing LCA reports on transport fuels

Project leader: Ingemar Margnusson, Volvo

The project aims to develop a procedure facilitating the comparison of LCA data of varying origin concerning fuel production pathways and the utilisation of fuels in vehicle. The project will also identify cases where data cannot be easily compared, with the ambition to clearly explain underlying assumptions and pros and cons using different approaches.

Update of existing and addition of missing data into the f3 LCI data repository

Project leader: Tomas Rydberg, IVL

The objective of the project is improved data for LCA of fuels as a continuation and update of the earlier project Well-to-Wheel LCI data for fossil and renewable fuels on the Swedish market. The new project will compile LCI data from literature and f3 partners for fuel components currently lacking in the f3 repository or for which data are of insufficient quality, to the extent possible.

Vehicles and infrastructure for heavy long-haul transports fueled by electricity and hydrogen

Project leader: Stefan Grönkvist, KTH

The overall aim with the proposed project is to provide an updated view of the technical and economic development and knowledge for long-haul road transports fueled by electricity and hydrogen.