Transport Biofuel Futures in Energy-Economic Modeling – A Review

The scientific literature presents an increasing number of energy-economic systems analysis modeling studies treating the transport sector as an integrated part of the energy system and/or economy. Many of these studies provide important insights regarding transport biofuels. To clarify similarities and differences in approaches and results, this f3 project summarizes and analyzes input data and transport biofuel related results of 29 peer reviewed scientific journal articles presenting studies based on different energy-economic models.

The aim is to investigate what future role comprehensive energy-economy modeling studies portray for transport biofuels in terms of their potential and competitiveness. This includes a mapping of what future transport biofuel utilization and market shares the studies describe as well as an analysis of what factors influence this.

A scientific article has been produced from the results of the project. It is titled Transport biofuels in global energy–economy modelling – a review of comprehensive energy systems assessment approaches, and is available via open access here.

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