Results and references

Here you will find results from research and networking activities within f3: reports, summaries, syntheses, fact sheets and other informative material on different aspects of f3 and its work. The library includes relevant references from external sources, as well as all publications from f3 projects, and allows sorting the material by different categories.


The f3 centre has a broad national and international network, which is continuously developing .  Below, you will find a few examples of f3 collaboration partners and links related to renewable fuels development and research. More information about networking activities will be added.

f3 is also officially appointed Swedish advocacy platform towards Horizon 2020 by Vinnova. In this role we collaborate nationally and within Europe. Contact us for more information!

Links related to Horizon 2020 and European collaboration for renewable fuels:


European biofuels technology platform, EBTP

Horizon 2020

Other international links:

Biofuelnet, Canada

Bio4Fuels, Norway

Links on renewable fuels research in Sweden:

Swedish Gasification Centre SFC


Swedish Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Centre