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Posted: 2013-06-18 14:19
Category: Reports

While much attention has been paid to every detail of the emissions from biofuel systems, comparatively few studies have investigated fossil fuels from an environmental perspective. Most biofuel LCA studies use a standard value for the fossil reference, without paying much attention to how it has been calculated and with what methodology. This study, published within the report series of SLU, reviews published data on fossil fuel use in transportation in order to more closely investigate the conditions of that standard value. You can find the report...

Posted: 2013-05-28 16:08
Category: Reports

The project Biofuels and land use in Sweden - an overview of land-use change effect has delivered it's report in which the current state of knowledge in the field is investigated. Also, knowledge gaps related to land use linked to biofuel production are identified, with main focus is on impacts from Swedish biofuel production.

The project has collected and compiled the research results on three important subject areas: Biodiversity and soil chemistry, Indirect land use (ILUC) and climate change, and...

Posted: 2013-05-17 16:59
Category: Reports

Two more reports from finished projects are now available, these are Optimal localisation of second generation biofuel production in Sweden and Biomass gasification - A synthesis of technical barriers and current research issues for deployment at large scale.

Several more project reports are on the way, find information about them, as well as already finished projects...

Posted: 2013-05-14 15:58
Category: Newsletter

Read about the new projects initiated as a result of the fourth call for projects, delivered and expected project reports, and the assignment given to f3 from the Swedish government within the investigation concerning a future fossil free transport sector, Utredningen om fossilfri fordonstrafik (FFF-utredningen). As usual, the...

Posted: 2013-02-20 09:55
Category: News

The Fifth Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of EBTP (SPM5) was held in Brussels on 6th - 7th February 2013, bringing together over 150 European biofuels stakeholders from industry, academia, research organisations, common interest groups and other associations with an interest in biofuels production and use.

Speakers included experts from leading organisations...

Posted: 2013-01-02 11:57
Category: Reports

The finished report from the f3 syntheses project "Mapping of biofuels R&D in Brazil" is now available in the Renewable fuels section, f3 reports. The report has been written by Niklas Berglin and Anna von Schenck, Innventia.

Posted: 2012-12-05 11:07
Category: News

The full-day seminar Integrated Biofuel Production - Policy and Technology in Lund on November 29th is now over and we have received positive critique from participants as well as speakers!

Some presentations from the morning and afternoon sessions can now be downloaded here, as well as a list of participants. Our ambition is to make at least some slides available from all presentations as soon as possible!

Posted: 2012-11-23 14:28
Category: Reports

Biofuels have been recognized to be one of the key solutions for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector. For quite some time there have been national and international (EU-level) policies promoting biofuels and this has indeed led to significant increase in production.

Kristina Holmgren (IVL and Chalmers) has written a paper in which current policies applied for the promotion of biofuels in Sweden are described, and a discussion on problems and potential improvements is given. The report compares supply and demand side instruments, and what effects...

Posted: 2012-10-16 13:22
Category: Newsletter

Read about the result of the third call for R&D projects in August, interesting syntheses projects starting up, and get up-dated on EU activities in the field of renewable transportation fuels.

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Posted: 2012-09-26 14:06
Category: News

A new fact sheet has been produced that covers biogas/biomethane. Download it as a pdf here.