Synthesizing LCA reports on transport fuels for Heavy Duty Trucks

Today’s road freight vehicles are mainly fuelled with die­sel and use a significant fraction of the global fossil oil production. Without further policy efforts, oil demand from road freight vehicles is projected to increase considerably. Several measures to lower greenhous gas (GHG) emissions seem mainly viable for medium size distribution trucks, such as the use of renewable fuels, electrifica­tion and the use of fuel cells. However, for heavy duty long-haul trucks the possible alternatives to diesel are less clear.

This project adresses the challenge of switching to new fuels. Biofuels, electric batteries and electrofuels are identified as alternatives that have potential to decrease GHG emissions. LCA, Life cycle assessment, could be used for analysing and comparing GHG emissions from different fuel alternatives. The project has examined a range of LCA studies on road freight vehicles. The conclusion is, however, that despite a vast number of LCA reports on fuel production pathways and the utilisation of fuels in vehicles, it is far from clear which alternatives that represent best options.

The project has been led by Ingemar Magnusson, Volvo Group Trucks Technology, with additional participants from Chalmers University of Technology. The full report is available here.

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