Gasification-based biofuels – Greenhouse gas emissions and profitability analysis with general and sector-specific policy instruments

Project leader: Kristina Holmgren, IVL

This project has analysed the economic performance of gasification-based biofuel production at different levels of general or sector specific policy instruments for different future energy market scenarios, comparing the costs and GHG emissions to systems where the biomass is used for power production and in electric vehicles. It is based on a previous previous comprehensive system analysis study, Comparison of integration options for gasification-based biofuel production systems – Economic and greenhouse gas emission implications.

The report attached below is an extended summary of the results of the new project. The main outcome and full presentation of results is documented in an article published in Energy in September 2018: Gasification based biofuel production - sector specific policy instru­ments and comparison of greenhouse gas emissions reduction potentials of conventional biomass conversion technologies

Göteborg Energi foundation for research and development has procided additional funding for the project.